Tricia Todd investigation update: June 5th, 2016

Tricia Todd investigation update: June 5th, 2016

The search for the remains of Tricia Todd has taken many  grisly turns.  After deputies and volunteers were unable to locate Todd’s body, a plea deal was set up with Steven Williams, her ex-husband who confessed to murdering her the night she disappeared. Williams agreed to lead authorities to her body in exchange for 35-years in prison. But nobody expected what they would find. Todd’s body, mutilated, with partial remains soaking in a barrel of acid.

Police and Volunteers still searching for Tricia

Tricia and her daughter Faith who now lives with a family member

New information has come to light with reports that two of the saws used to dismember Todd were purchased from Amazon back in March.

Authorities now believe that Tricia Todd’s murder was planned out by her ex-husband, and not an accident as he originally told investigators. Authorities say that Steven Williams lured Todd to his house the night she disappeared, where he killed her, cut her into pieces with a chainsaw, and then used barrels full of acid to get rid of her body. Then, the day after the murder, authorities say Williams took their 2-year old daughter to The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. The two are seen on surveillance video looking at animals for about an hour.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office used  sonar imaging detecting what they’re calling “anomalies” at the bottom of the canal in Hungryland Preserve, just a few feet from where Williams buried Todd’s partial remains. Sheriff William Snyder said he believed the “anomalies” were  the tools Steven Williams used to dispose of his ex-wife.  According to Sheriff Snyder, investigators began reviewing sonar images after volunteers from the Florida Sonar Search Team spotted “anomalies” at the bottom of the canal last Sunday. The forensics team went out on boats with Martin County Fire Rescue to scan the waters with sonar again before creating a plan to remove the unidentified items.

Diving in the murky, alligator infesting  water they found pieces of chain saw and  a battery operated handsaw. The also found nine human teeth that they believe belonged to Tricia Todd. Hair was also found on the tools and will be tested for DNA.

According to Lt. Mike Dougherty the accused Steven Williams has never show remorse. He said Williams had the acid before he came down from North Carolina to commit the crime in April.

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Lt. Dougherty  said they’re now in the process of finding out where Williams obtained the acid.

Williams is due in court on June 24th for his plea deal sentencing which calls for 35 years in prison.

A memorial for Tricia Todd will take place on Tuesday, June 7th at 7pm. Her service will be held at Christ Fellowship Stuart Campus. Right down the street from the Hungryland Preserve where her body was found.


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