TreasureCoast TV Our Pilot Episode! is proud to present our pilot episode of Treasurecoast TV. This exciting episode features one of the area’s top charities House of Hope. They are very dedicated to helping our community.  A number of local businesses support their efforts.  Support your local charities and the local businesses that support them.

Featured Guests

Local Mortgage and Finance Expert Danny Poulos and local Real Estate Expert Billy Hineline  are featured in our Real Estate segment.  This is a must see segment if you are planning to purchase a home or sell a home any time soon.

This program is made possible by a collective effort. This episode features all of the  well established companies that make this program possible.

We were honored to be able to bring you the creator and owner of Mr. Jeff Liggett as he tells us all about the history and the very exciting future of You will learn what makes them the number one marketing venue for everything Treasure Coast as well as what they offer that you can’t get from any other marketing venue in the area.
Last but not least you will meet Mr. Wayne Filowitz creator and owner of WRPBiTV the production studio that makes this show possible. You will find out why WRPBiTV is ranked number 4 in the country among internet tv channels.

Expertly Produced Video Content

More importantly you will learn how you can get professionally produced video content for your website featuring your business with your message at prices you can afford.  This episode has something for everyone, enjoy the program and watch for more exciting episodes of coming soon.




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  • Posted 7 years ago

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