Toxic algae levels at 1700 times the safe exposure. Where is the CDC?

Toxic algae levels at 1700 times the safe exposure. Where is the CDC?

Commissioners in Martin County extended the state of Emergency. They say the state of emergency won’t end until the discharges from Lake Okeechobee come to a halt.

Under the state of emergency Martin County can spend money from the General Fund.

This time it was used to conduct its own air quality and water quality testing. $28,000 is the amount spent so far on clean-up, equipment, algae testing, and consultants.

That amount includes $5,000 in staff emergency time. Another $6,000 to conduct air quality testing at 2 residential sites in North River Shores and Rio, and 1 commercial site at Central Marine.

We are still waiting for the air quality tests.  The county’s water quality tests showed, in some spots, toxic algae levels at 1700 times the safe exposure limit.  This was after the Florida DEP said there was nothing to worry about. Yet, no one from the CDC is out in the residential areas monitoring the health effects. The local health department is encouraging residents to report any potential water-related illnesses.

Thanks to the Martin County BOCC for what they have done but why are we not being protected by the State of Florida and the FEMA?






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  • Posted 8 years ago

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