Tiger pleads guilty to reckless driving

Tiger pleads guilty to reckless driving.

Tiger Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving and received 12 months probation, a $250 fine and 50 hours of community service following his Dui Arrest in May. He is part of the DUI Offender Program in Palm Beach County.

Dave Aronberg spoke after the hearing to explain the process and the DUI Offender Program. Tiger has to fulfill the program in one year time.

As part of the DUI diversion requirements, Woods agreed to participate in various programs. He agreed to  abstain from illicit drugs and alcohol during a 12-month probationary period. State prosecutors agreed to drop the DUI charge.  Bosso-Pardo withheld adjudication on the reckless driving charge, which means it’s not officially on his record. The judge warned him if he fails to meet any of the requirements, the charges could be reinstated.  She could send him to jail for 90 days.

Woods has already completed the terms of the program

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg told reporters after the hearing that Woods completed a substance abuse program at an undisclosed location. He also did the required 50-hours of community service through his foundation, which provides education opportunities for youth worldwide. He also wrote a $250 check to Palm Beach County Victim’s Service.

Woods attended DUI school and met with people who have lost loved ones to drunk driving. He will have to submit to random drug tests and contact a probation officer once a month. While the contact can be by mail, he has to be available if the probation officer calls. 

Because no alcohol was found in his system when he was arrested he won’t have a special device put on his car that would detect if he has been drinking. However, as part of the program, his car will be immobilized for 10 days, Bosso-Pardo said. He is free to travel anywhere, she said.

Woods has been treated like anyone else, except for all the media attention his case has received, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg told the media after the hearing.

Aronberg said he can continue to take drugs prescribed by a doctor during his year-long probation.

Here is some info on the FIRST TIME DUI Offender Program :

Dave Aronberg:

OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY DAVE ARONBERG STATE ATTORNEY August 9, 2017.  More than 2,100 defendants have entered the program.  Very few have committed a DUI In addition to its success rate.

Our Program is truly unique.  It is the only of its kind endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The Program is an important effort to make our community safer by ensuring that drivers prosecuted for first-time DUIs have their underlying substance abuse issues addressed. Responsibility for their actions, our streets are safer, and taxpayers benefit from fewer trials and lower costs to our criminal In situations where a first time DUI offender meets the conditions of program, the defendant is required to plead guilty at arraignment to Reckless Driving.

The defendant will have the adjudication withheld upon completion of a rigorous set of requirements, DUI school, victim impact panels, and 12 months of probation. This includes a ban on alcohol and drug possession and consumption.

Anyone whose blood alcohol level exceeds .20 is ineligible for the Program.”





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