The Recount Continues!

The Recount Continues!

The recount continues throughout the state of Florida this morning. The races for governor, US Senator, and Agriculture Commissioner were too close to call and the automatic recount was triggered. Now, Democrat Bill Nelson is calling on Republican Gov. Rick Scott to recuse himself from the recount process

The Scott and Nelson campaigns have been filing lawsuits accusing the other side of trying to steal the election. Scott went into the recount with a lead over Nelson of about 12,000 votes. A judge yesterday said that no evidence of wrongdoing has been found and warned both sides to quote “ramp down the rhetoric”.

So far there haven’t been any reported issues in Martin County with the recount. Supervisor of Elections Vicki Davis said she expected to be done with the machine recount by last night. Representatives from both political parties are overseeing the process. St Lucie county is also running smoothly, albeit in a lengthier process. The recount is expected to last for another day or two.

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