Temporary animal shelter opens in St Lucie County

Temporary animal shelter opens in St Lucie County

St. Lucie County, Fl- For the first time, St. Lucie County leaders opened the doors of the new, temporary animal shelter to the public. Wednesday, county leaders gave a tour of the facility to local leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, and animal advocates, wanting to see the conditions in which animals will be living. The shelter, located at 2700 Industrial Avenue 3 in Fort Pierce, has been accepting animals picked up by animal control since Oct. 1. That is when the contracts expired between the Humane Society of St. Lucie County and Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie County.

Inside the large, clean, air-conditioned building, at least 100 new kennels are ready for cats and dogs. Rooms are separated for large and small dogs. County staff and volunteers say they walk dogs three times a day. One room contains dozens, if not at least 100 bags of dog food. Fencing was installed in the back of the property to give dogs space to run. On Wednesday, one cat and 26 dogs were staying at the shelter. County officials say animals would only be euthanized for humane purposes, such as grave injuries or illness.

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