Teen struck by car at Lennard Rd

Teen struck by car atLennard Rd.

Port St Lucie – (treasurecoast.com)The Port St. Lucie Police Department responded to a car vs. teen bicyclist in Port St. Lucie Thursday afternoon. Officers said the teen was riding his bike home from school heading southbound on Leonard Road. The teen was believed to be around 14-16 years old.

As the teen was riding near the intersection of Lennard Rd and Walton Roads, a car had the right of way at a green light and struck the teen on his bicycle. The driver told police he could not see the teen because there was another car in the turning lane at the light, obstructing his view. Officers said the teen suffered head trauma, and was taken to Lawnwood Medical Center for his injuries.

Sept 1, 2017

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