Teen Groove, a Public TV Dance Show for Teens

teen groove

Teen Groove is a Public TV Dance Show for Teens throughout the Treasure Coast.

The Show is a cross between American Bandstand & Soul Train. The first show is due to air around the 1st of September. Teen Groove is where the Teens run the show. They host it and set the format. There will be an all Middle School students Show & an all High School Students Show. Club Pure is holding auditions for the show Hosts. Each show will have at least 4 host. There will be 7 shows in the future that cover each genres: Pop, R&B / Hip-Hop, Latin, Country, Mexican, Dance Hall, and Haitian. The first show will be a mixture of All Genres. Any parent interested in signing their child(ren) up can go on the website: www.teengrooveusa.com

Teen Groove is also looking for singers. Teen Groove is looking to put together females & Boy groups. They will also be looking for solo artists as well. Each artist and Group will be singing original songs. They will also appear on Teen Groove Dance Shows and Teen Groove Talent Shows / Concerts.

Auditions for Host & Singers are set for August 15 at Club Pure location at:

Fort Pierce location: 3731 Oleander Ave, Suite 109 34982 from: 12 noon to 4pm

PSL location: 10280 S. US#1 34953 from: 5pm – 9pm

Teen Groove is a Teen Membership Club. They also have all grade level clubs. There will be a TV show for all grades level too! From 1st to 5th. There will be an all Middle School Show & a High School Show. Remember all dancers are to go to the website and sign up.

For more information call: (772) 429-0031 Club Pure

Club Pure is looking for Sponsors for this program. Any company that is interested please call Club Pure


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