Tania Wise death from blunt force trauma

St Lucie County, Fl-An autopsy determined Tania Wise had “a blunt force trauma wound” to the back of the head and fractures to the skull. There also was trauma to her private area. In a secondary search of the scene where Tania Wise’s body was found, detectives found a used condom.

Investigators at SLCSO said the accused murderer, who is married to another woman, used a knife to kill the 23-year-old mother and her unborn child.

The 22-page arrest report said Escalera was friends with Wise’s ex-boyfriend.

The report states Escalera said the only time he would talk to Wise is when she would bring her son over to play with his son.

He told detectives he had no other involvement with Wise. He said there was no chance he was the father of her unborn baby.

His statements contradict what one witness told St. Lucie County investigators. The witness said Escalera gave Wise $500 for an abortion.

According to the report, Escalera gave investigators permission to search his car and obtain a DNA sample. It goes on to say, Escalera gave investigators permission to search his car and obtain a DNA sample. Escalera worked for Waste Pro. He was caught on camera dumping items from his work truck into a landfill, instead of going through the agency’s compacting warehouse.

Detectives also have statements from witnesses, who claim Escalera asked for a dirty gun one month before Wise was murdered.

According to the arrest report, investigators said his Google search history on August 23 shows someone searched “dead body in the woods” and “wooded area dead body.”

During the investigation, detectives said they learned Escalera moved here from Connecticut because was a suspect in a homicide investigation.

In that case a man was shot and killed in a barber shop.


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