Sweethearts and Heroes Segment 21: The world’s most important job

Sweethearts and Heroes Segment 21: The world’s most important job


In this segment: more for parents.

During Sweethearts and Heroes’ parent presentations, often held in the evening, interest and attendance can vary — from a handful of five to around 100. However, our co-founders Jason Spector and Tom Murphy would like to see more parents at Sweethearts and Heroes programs. And here’s why…

“(Parenting) is the most important job you’ll ever have,” Jason says in this clip below — one of more than two dozen that are intended to offer tips and strategies related to the Sweethearts and Heroes mission.

In most areas of our adult lives, we learn, develop and evolve, whether in our professional lives, or with our hobbies. Yet, “People don’t study parenting,” Jason says below.

Tom adds that he often tells his oldest daughter, “Remember, this is the first time I’ve gone through this, too.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that approach,” Tom says in this segment.

Tom then explains that adults are “expected to get it right,” because they are the adults, but the reality is: When children and young adults go through something for the first time, their parents go through it for the first time, too.

Watch more below to see what other tips Tom and Jason have for parents about “the most important job in the world”:




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