Sweethearts and Heroes strategies content 14: Action & Ignition

Sweethearts and Heroes strategies content 14: Action & Ignition

Sweethearts and Heroes strategies content 14: Action & Ignition

You gotta hand it to Jason Spector, Sweethearts and Heroes co-founder. As this next short segment begins, Jason vents a little frustration and anger by the lack of commitment in some schools to make a change in their climate and culture.

In some cases, Jason tells Tom Murphy, his Sweethearts and Heroes co-founder, it’s almost as though some schools are uncertain or even afraid of the level of inspiration that Tom can ignite in parents, teachers and students with his Sweethearts and Heroes presentation and mission.

However, as Jason notes, Sweethearts and Heroes is about action and ignition. “I want results,” he says in the clip below — one in a series that are intended to give you helpful and useful information about Sweethearts and Heroes.

Students and teachers are ignited by Sweethearts and Heroes, Tom says below — so much so, that he could write a book about the stories that students, parents and teachers tell him as he visits schools. (Oh, wait, Tom is writing a book about that!)

Sweethearts and Heroes affects students on both ends of the spectrum, from those at-risk kids that might be hurting themselves, to the students that discover their inner superheroes and find ways to help their peers that are in trouble.

“I know that how awe do what we do and how we ignite the environment we go into is just so darn important,” Tom says below.

Watch more, here, to hear Tom and Jason further discuss how Sweethearts and Heroes can ignite students, teachers and parents to want to change their school climate — and save lives:

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