Still no clues on Tricia Todd

Still no clues on Tricia Todd.

Investigators from CSI Jupiter and Ft Pierce and people from Kaiser University are helping today.

The search for a local mother has expanded in the two weeks since she disappeared.

The search for a missing mother from Hobe Sound was expanded to Tequesta and Port Salerno and now Jupiter.  Tricia Todd hasn’t been seen since surveillance cameras captured her talking with a worker at Publix on Tuesday, April 26. Authorities said Todd dropped off medicine to her ex-husband for their 2-year-old daughter. Her family reported her missing the next day when she failed to pick up her daughter. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office called her disappearance “suspicious,” but found no evidence of a crime. Volunteers continued to search through the weekend.

The DEEMI Search and Rescue Organization will provide a Volunteer Refueling Station which will be located at 10835 SE Federal Highway (Amazing Things of Hobe Sound). This refueling station is an air conditioned room with bathrooms so you can refuel with water, snacks, and flyers.

Heather Holden & Ruth Churchill of DEEMI Search and Rescue will be providing maps of the areas volunteers expect to cover tomorrow. The search begins at 8:00am and runs through 6:00pmn. MCSO COP Deputy Matt Fritchie will be working with the volunteers throughout the day.

Instructions for volunteers

SEARCHERS:: We just want to remind all volunteers searching..your safety is first! YOU are responsible for your personal safety! Please do not put yourself in harms way. If you are not comfortable where you are searching, please leave.
It will be helpful if you can download the Map My walk App prior to searching.

HYDRATE: Please drink plenty of fluids if you do not have water or Gatorade we still have some available at our refueling station (see post)

PRIVATE PROPERTY: : If you end up on Private property and are asked to leave, kindly ask them if they will take a flyer and look around their own property or if they say you can stay that is great!

KNOCKING ON DOORS: If you feel uncomfortable in any area just do not knock on that door. There are a lot of people that still do not know. YOU are helping by doing this Please know it may feel boring or insignificant to knock on doors but the more people that see her face the better.

SAFETY: DO NOT put your personal safety at risk.

WHAT IF I SEE SOMETHING: If you see anything you feel is out of the norm, should not be there, feels not right for you, or is out of place. It could be anything don’t underestimate your gut! STOP DO NOT MOVE and call 911 tell them why you are there and need a deputy to your location OR Call The number on the bottom of the flyer. Do not touch anything, do not move anything, Do not take another step.

The Family thanks each and everyone of you for your help, the participation for this search has been incredible. You are all appreciated.

Please check in with the Facebook Page Search for Tricia Williams Todd for more info.


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