St. Lucie County Urges Residents to Tend to Their Dogs at Walton Rocks Beach

St. Lucie County Urges Residents to Tend to Their Dogs at Walton Rocks Beach


SOUTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND – St. Lucie County staff reminds residents and visitors who bring their dogs to Walton Rocks Beach to look after their pets. Parks and Recreation staff have received an increase in complaints from beachgoers about residents not picking up after their dogs and/or dogs not being under their owner’s control.

Located at 6700 South Ocean Drive, Walton Rocks Beach is St. Lucie County’s only dog-friendly beach. Visitors with pets are limited to three dogs per person on the beach. Dogs must be kept under control by the owner. If the dog annoys or bothers other people, dogs or animals, the dog must be fastened to a suitable leash, not to exceed eight feet in length, and the leash must be held or controlled. Visitors with dogs must carry suitable materials to remove and properly dispose of dog fecal matter.

Each such dog must have affixed to its collar a current rabies inoculation tag showing the dog has been properly inoculated against rabies in accordance with the provisions of Florida Statute § 828.40.

Hutchinson Island is a popular nesting area for endangered and threatened sea turtles. Sea turtle nesting season runs March 1 through Nov. 15, so please be sure to fill in any holes that dogs dig on the beach to give turtles a clear path.

Dogs are not permitted on any other beach in St. Lucie County. Dogs are allowed at Wildcat Cove (west of A1A) on North Hutchinson Island. Additionally, dogs are allowed on St. Lucie County preserves, provided that they are leashed and the owners pick up after their pets.

If residents or visitors experience any issues with pet owners not following the rules, they are encouraged to call 911.

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