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One of the initial visions that Jeff ,our publisher, and I had when I agreed to come and work with him was  supporting small local business. We’re not kidding!  This column has been a long time coming and I am very proud of our maiden voyage being with Miller’s Neighborhood Market in Vero Beach.

Great deals on DVD rentals

Great deals on DVD rentals

One of the issue’s we have in  America is these big corporations coming in and taking away business from the people who live here and with the true entrepreneurial spirit but their money where their mouth is and invested in their communities.

The other thing is about gas prices. I have a jeep with 300 thousand miles on it. When my fuel pump broke my mechanic said it was from buying cheap gas. I never went back to cheap gas after that because I do not like buying parts for my car. Good gas keeps your car running.

There are lots of things I love about this neighborhood market. I’m a home health nurse so I go to a lot of gas stations. I end up starving all day because I can’t get anything but junk to eat.  I like happy faces when I walk in the door. Now I have a place to stop and see some happy faces and get something good to eat!

Here’s a tour and look at Miller’s Family Market. Please take the time to go to their Facebook Page.

If there is some special you need. Let them know and they will order it for you!


A full service station! When was the last time you saw that?

Buy a cup of coffee and get a free Krispy Cream donut!

A great deal on beer! Mention

Listen to all food things that go on here!

Chef Jordan cooks for you!

Chef Jordan cooks for you!


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