The Shrub Queen: Neighborly Fruits and Flowers

On Sunday, I arrived home from a two week sojourn to Maui, Hawaii and my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia and found a beautiful vase by my front door. South Florida may seem seasonless but Fall is evident here. My trip to Maui provided tropical beauty not available in Florida and the pass through Atlanta added a touch of Autumn, just settling in the Southeastern US providing a tiny bit of fall color in the leaves of Tulip Poplars (Liriodendron tulipifera) and Sourwoods (Oxydendron arboreum). In South Florida, the Beautyberry is setting fruit as well as the Papayas.

Two weeks ago I left a posy for my neighbor for feeding my fluffy white cat.



Much to my surprise, she left a lovely posy for me that I discovered this afternoon when I arrived home. Here is a close up:


The Coral flowers in the arrangement are Dwarf Poncianias (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), Coral is an unusual color in these trees and plays nicely against the purples and pinks in the arrangement. Purple berries are Beautyberry (Calliocarpa americana) – these berries materialized while I was on vacation. The Pink flowers are Coral Vine (Antigonon leptopus), White flowers are Plumerias, the foliage is Hawaiian Snowbush (Breynia nivosa)

The fruit sitting in front of the vase is a Papaya, grown by another neighbor, who was outside when I walked by with my dogs this evening. We have been discussing Papaya Date Nut Bread for weeks – waiting for these Papayas to ripen.


The Papayas are chopped and I am searching for a recipe, Bread should be ready to stand by  A Vase later on Monday.

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