Sheriff’s Office Seeking Chaplain Applicants

Do you want to volunteer time that will affirm why you went into the clergy? Do you want to minister to individuals who want and need your talents? Do you want to do something about which you will always feel good even if done in a bad situation? If so, read on because “the ministry of presence” has a place for you.


The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is seeking both working and retired chaplain applicants. This non-denominational volunteer chaplaincy serves the employees of the Sheriff’s office both sworn and civilian. It also serves the spiritual needs of civilians traumatized by an incident that rose to the level of police involvement.


The 10 hour per month volunteer position requires ordination or certification to preach, five years of clergy experience, and for those not seminary graduates, a high level of study in theology. The chaplaincy currently represents all three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It represents all three major branches of Judaism, Catholicism and multiple Protestant faiths ranging from Mainline to Evangelical, and has one Sunni Muslim chaplain. Every chaplain can be called on to aid anyone of any faith. Training is provided.


The chaplaincy has men and women as well as a diverse ethnic cross-section. Particular needs are Priests and/or Deacons, Mainline Protestants, and Hispanic pastors with strong English skills as well as women of all faiths.


For further information and/or an application contact either Lead Chaplain Michael Tobey at 561-212-1014, or Unit Manager Bill Gralnick at 561-688-4781,

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