SFWMD hires Python Hunters

SFWMD hires Python Hunters

Hundreds of people have signed up to get paid minimum wage hunting pythons in the Everglades. The Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District last week approved the plan to hire 25 hunters.

Online signup for the pilot project got under way Friday.

In just the first four hours, a Water District spokesman said his agency had received more than 300 responses. Rory Feeney is the Bureau Chief of Land Resources for the Water District.

The non-native, potentially enormous Burmese Pythons have gotten loose in the Everglades and areas nearby, decimating populations of small mammals, even deer and alligators.

Bishop Wright is a veteran hunter, who says even more should be done.

The new python-eradication program will take place on Water District lands in Miami-Dade County, commencing April 1.

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