Search Continues for Austin and Perry Today


The search continues for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen today.

As we reported yesterday, the Coast Guard has pushed their search area as far north as Charleston, South Carolina looking for the teens, over 500 miles north of where they were last seen Friday afternoon.

There was a glimmer of hope yesterday when a private plane noticed a cooler lid in the ocean, but it was determined that the debris was unrelated to Austin and Perry.

Friends have shared the final social media posts by the teens. Austin sent a snapchat photo with the caption “Peace out Jup”, where Jup is short for Jupiter. Peyton Schoor would get another ominous message a little later. The message said there was a big  storm coming up  behind them and that the storm was coming up really fast.

A prayer and candlelight vigil was held at Stuart Beach last night. Cory Ritz organized the event. She not only knows the family of one of the missing boys, but has two sons of her own.

Time is quickly running out. The Coast Guard said that in warm water people can last 4-5 days. The search is now entering into its 6th day.

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