Scientists Say We Are Headed Toward Destruction Of Our Fisheries



Scientists say we are headed toward destruction of our fisheries. The reason? We are flushing billions of pieces of plastic into the ocean daily.

Scientists say it’s not just our trash, but our face wash. Microbeads was the answer to a deeper clean, giving the feel of sandpaper to your face wash or cleanser. Every time you brush or wash or clean with products that have microbeads, they end up in the ocean.

It totals an estimated 8 trillion microbeads a day, with enough plastic to cover 300 tennis courts. All of these tiny plastic particles wouldn’t be such a problem if they quickly broke down into simpler chemical forms, but plastic molecules are very resilient and could remain intact to threaten the environment for thousands of years. The beads soak up pesticides and chemicals after they are washed down the drain. By the time they reach the ocean they have become toxic.

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  • Posted 8 years ago

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