Road rage incident lands 70 year old man in jail.

Road rage incident lands 70 year old man in jail.

On March 9, PSLPD  arrested a 70 year old man for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery. He pointed a gun at the victim during a parking lot road rage incident.

The investigation began on March 9, 2017 at 10:40 am when PSLPD was called to 600 NW Airoso Boulevard. The investigation revealed that the victim had pulled into a parking space of the business and was backing up to readjust his car in the parking space. As he was backing up another car, driven by the suspect, was driving through the parking lot and had to stop for the victim. According to the victim the suspect approached his car and began cursing at him then spit in his face.

The victim exited his car and continued the argument with the suspect. The suspect then went to his car, retrieved a revolver, and then pointed the gun at the victim. He stated that the gun was cocked. The victim told police that the suspect was agitated and continued to yell at him, so he retreated to the nearby business.

Police spoke to the suspect who said that the victim had spit on him. Then he went back to his car, retrieved his revolver, then pointed it at the victim to protect himself. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SLC Jail for booking

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