Frances Langford’s Rio Peacocks Saved!

Frances Langford’s Rio Peacocks Saved!

Rio, Florida

Only in Rio!

Last week we had a peacock emergency.

Peacock in Rio Photo Credit: Rebecca Fatzinger

Peacock in Rio
Photo Credit: Rebecca Fatzinger

Years ago Frances Langford brought a pair of peacocks to her estate. The peacocks we have now are decedents from those two.  There are lots of people who consider them a nuisance.  Over the years people have gotten upset. In 2001, She was told to either build a fence around her property, clip the birds’ wings or move them out. 

When I first moved here I was greeted by one in my back yard.

I  heard a story about some guy getting so upset he took a gun and shot a bunch.

When they cross the road we all stop and let them pass.

We even have a peacock crossing.

Peacock Crossing Photo: Cyndi Lenz

Peacock Crossing
Photo: Cyndi Lenz

We  (most of us who live here) consider them part of Frances Langford’s legacy and we  consider ourselves protectors of the peacocks.

Peacocks are not protected in Florida. They are like chickens. They are invasive. But we love ours. They live here and have been here longer that most of us.

On January 13th, my friend Toni Rummo put out a Facebook alert that someone was trapping the peacocks and one of the guys wanted one for his father’s farm.

There was a house that is in foreclosure. According to the real estate agency the people from Fanny Mae were trying to clean up the property and sent trappers out to make a bid on removing the peacocks from the property.

Thanks to Toni’s fast action and the support of everyone this was taken care of overnight and I doubt we’ll be seeing those guys again in Rio.

Here’s our local citizen BOLO for the peacocks that Toni put out: Be on the look out for a 1995ish silver mini van with two shady lowlife looking characters. If they are seen anywhere near this neighborhood please call police or officer Joe Angelico at (772)260-5573.They will be arrested and brought up on charges.


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