Are you ready for the Lionfish Challenge?

Are you ready for the Lionfish Challenge?

Saturday marked the kickoff for the Lionfish Challenge in Florida. The annual statewide event hosted by FWC is designed to raise awareness about the invasive species.

According to NOAA researchers the non-native fish continues to proliferate throughout the Atlantic Ocean. It is raising concerns for native marine life. They have little to no natural predators in the area, allowing them to grow and spread and cause damage to our local ecosystem. Joshua Patton is an avid diver and an employee with the Force-E Scuba Center.

The FWC is offering cash prizes and other incentives to those who remove 25 or more lionfish. An FWC spokesperson said last year more than 28,000 were removed statewide and they are hoping with your help to increase that number during the 2019 challenge.

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