Rare Potentially Deadly Bacteria in Seawater

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State Health Officials say a rare, potentially deadly bacteria that lives in warm seawater has infected 8 people and killed 2 so far this year in Florida.

Those officials have warned those who venture into Florida’s waters to be wary of the bacteria, especially if you have any open cuts.

People with a compromised immune system should take extra precautions by wearing proper foot protection to prevent cuts caused by rocks and shells on the beach.

While the infections are rare, the bacteria is a normally occurring one in warm, brackish seawater. So as a reminder, the Florida Department of Health would like you to know, “Water and wounds do not mix. Do not enter the water if you have fresh cuts or scrapes.”

A St. Lucie County Resident died last year from Vibrio, another person was infected just last month with the potentially-deadly bacteria.

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