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(St. Lucie County, FL) – The Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County has issued a rabies alert for the central geographical region of St. Lucie County. This is in response to a cat that tested positive for rabies reported on June 2nd.


Health officials urge residents to avoid contact with wild and stray animals to protect themselves from the risk of rabies exposure. “Rabies is a potentially fatal disease. It is important not to handle wild animals, to be aware of unusual acting animal, and to keep pets vaccinated against rabies,” said Clint Sperber, County Health Officer.


 All residents of St. Lucie County should be aware that rabies is present in the wild animal population and domestic animals are at risk if not vaccinated.  The public is asked to maintain a heightened awareness that rabies is active in St. Lucie County.  Alerts are designed to increase awareness to the public, but they should not give a false sense of security to areas that have not been named as under an alert.


This rabies alert will remain in effect for 60 days. The center of the rabies alert is at Boston Avenue and South 30th Street with the following boundaries in St. Lucie County:



 An animal with rabies could infect other wild animals or domestic animals that have not been vaccinated against rabies. All domestic animals should be vaccinated against rabies and all wildlife contact should be avoided, particularly raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats and coyotes.


 Rabies is a disease of the nervous system and is fatal to warm blooded animals and humans. The only treatment for human exposure to rabies is rabies specific immune globulin and rabies immunization.  Appropriate treatment started soon after the exposure, will protect an exposed person from the disease.


The following advice is issued:



Animal Control Agency Numbers:

City of Fort Pierce Animal Control:                        (772) 467-3148

City of Port Saint Lucie Animal Control:               (772) 871-5042

Saint Lucie County Animal Control:                      (772) 462-8120


For further information on rabies, go to the Florida Department of Health website:  https://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/rabies/index.html or contact Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County (772) 462-3800.

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