PSLPD investigate “Snap Chat” threats to local High School

PSLPD investigate “Snap Chat” threats to local High School

Port St Lucie, Fla ( A 14-year-old boy is behind a “snap chat” threat at Treasure Coast High School. On January 15, 2018 at around 10:00 pm, PSLPD was informed of a “Snap Chat” post that conveyed a threat to a local public High School.

According to the PSLPD learned a 14 year old Treasure Coast High School student posted on Snap Chat a picture of what looked to be a real handgun with the caption “I dare anyone to come to school Tuesday”.  Police were then able to track down the source of the post. This lead them to a Port St. Lucie home.  Police made contact with the 14 year old student and his parents.  Officers also located the BB gun that was pictured in the post.  The student told police that the post was a joke and the picture is in fact a BB gun.

Port St. Lucie Police will continue to investigate this matter and will consult with the State Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.




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  • Posted 6 years ago

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