PSLPD Detectives Arrest Two Suspects for Bail Money Phone Scam. $8000 Recovered for Victim

PSLPD Detectives Arrest Two Suspects for Bail Money Phone Scam. $8000 Recovered for Victim


On May 20th, Detectives arrested 25-year-old Jordan Dor of West Palm Beach and 26-year-old Jenny Richard of Royal Palm Beach for grand theft after it was discovered they scammed an 88-year-old victim out of $8000.

25-year-old Jordan Dor

25-year-old Jordan Dor

26-year-old Jenny Richard

26-year-old Jenny Richard

An investigation was initiated after the Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office contacted PSLPD because one of their residents fell victim to a phone scam. The victim was contacted and informed a relative was in jail, prompting the victim to mail $8000 in cash to the suspects for the alleged bail money.

The package was later delivered to a residence in Port St. Lucie and within minutes, the two suspects pulled into the driveway. The suspects retrieved the package and began to drive away but unknown to them, detectives were watching their every move. A traffic stop was conducted, and the package was recovered from inside the suspect’s vehicle. Detectives recovered all of the $8000 in cash the victim had sent to the suspects. Dor and Richard were arrested and taken to the St. Lucie Jail. Great job to Detective Lovechio and Detective Bukata for recovering the victim’s money and apprehending the suspects!

As a reminder to the community, please follow these tips to prevent becoming a victim of a bail money phone scam.

-Don’t send or wire money to anyone you have not met before.

-Contact a trusted family member who can confirm whether the caller’s story is legitimate.

-Ask the caller questions that would be difficult for them to answer.

-Contact Law Enforcement to investigate further.

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