PSLPD Detective helps recover $40,000 for fraud victim

PSLPD Detective helps recover $40,000 for fraud victim

Port St. Lucie, Fl ( –PSLPD is reporting that one of our elderly residents fell victim to a lottery scam after he was contacted unexpectedly and informed he won a $4.5 Mega Millions Jackpot. The victim was instructed to pay upfront fees and taxes in order to receive the lottery winnings, sending over $100,000 to different locations in New York and Florida. The victim never received the lottery winnings and contacted PSLPD for assistance.
Detective Griffith worked diligently on this case and was able to recover $40,000 for Mr. Odain. Recovering funds in these types of incidents is very difficult and does not occur often due to the complexity of the crime.
Detective Griffith met with Mr. Odain and presented him a check for the recovered funds. PSLPD and Mr. Odain want to bring awareness to lottery scams so others don’t lose their hard earned money. 

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  • Posted 2 years ago

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