PSLPD asks public to be cautious during alligator mating season

PSLPD asks public to be cautious during alligator mating season

Port St Lucie, Fl (

Police in Port St Lucie are reminding everyone that we are entering into the mating season for gators, which means they will be more active over the next few weeks.

“We all know alligators live throughout Florida. They can mostly be found in fresh and brackish bodies of water. This includes lakes, rivers, canals and even golf course ponds. Alligators are likely to be seen more in the spring /summer during the mating and nesting season.” They posted on their Facebook page.

They ask that you keep your children safe around bodies of water and make sure your pets are leashed.

On Monday police were called to the lake at Westmoreland and Morningside Blvds for reports of a 7 and a half foot long gator.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was able to capture and relocate the gator.

Here are some alligator mating fun facts:

Courtship begins in early April, and mating occurs in May or June.

Female alligators also have narrower snouts and bodies than males. Flip the baby alligator upside down and examine the “vent,” which is located between the lower legs. Lightly press down on either side of the vent to expose the reproductive organs of the baby alligator. If the alligator is a male, a penis will emerge.

Alligators mate in June. Males may fertilize several females in one mating season, , according to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Females are known to have only one mate each season. In July, the female alligator creates a nest from mud, plants and sticks in which she lays her eggs.

Officials also say you should never deal with an alligator yourself. Call FWC so an expert trapper can capture the alligator.

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