PSL woman arrested for leaving 23 month old in car

PSL woman arrested for leaving 23 month old in car.

Port St. Lucie Police arrested Yessina Torres  for child neglect  on May 10, 2017.  She left a 23 month old boy unattended for 24 minutes while she shopped at the Walmart on Gatlin Boulevard.

On May 10, 2017 at around 6:10 pm, Port St. Lucie Police went to Walmart for reports from the complainant that she heard a child (left unattended) crying in the car she parked next to in the parking lot.  The good Samaritan checked on the child and noticed that the car was unlocked.  The good Samaritan took the child out of the car.

During the investigation police learned that Torres picked up the child from a daycare in Stuart, Florida. She drove the child without a car seat to the Walmart in Port St. Lucie.  Torres parked the car in the parking lot at 6:04 pm. Then she went into Walmart to pick up pizza and laundry detergent.  Torres checked out of the store at 6:27 pm returning to the car at 6:28 pm, leaving the child unattended for 24 minutes.   Torres told police that she had forgot the child in the car.  When asked why the child was not in a car seat Torres told police that the picking up of the child was a last minute arrangement and she didn’t have a car seat.  The parents of the child were called to the scene and told police that Torres picks the child up every day from daycare.

Torres was arrested for child neglect and taken to the St. Lucie County for booking.


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