PSL Police host Project Overwatch

Project Overwatch

The Port St. Lucie Police Department hosted and participated in Project Overwatch 22 Plus 3, the American Suicide Prevention Push-Up Challenge.

Melody Hellberg was challenged to join. She is the  sister of retired Marine Gunny Sergeant, Dennis Hellberg. He is the president of the Band of Brothers USMC motorcycle riding club out of Quantico, Virginia. Melody posed this challenge to the Port St. Lucie Police Department who has accepted.

Project Overwatch is an initiative launched by Strength and Honor Motorcycle Club, an IRS registered 501 (c)(3) whose mission is to assist our veterans and public safety personnel with service related crisis and hardship. Every day 22 Veterans and a total of 113 Americans commit suicide. Over 41,000 Americans commit suicide each year. 22 Plus 3 includes all veterans and men, women, and children we lose to suicide in America each year. This challenge was created to raise awareness and support programs to reduce suicides.

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