PSL drug buy ends in wild crash

PSL drug buy ends in wild crash

PPort St Lucie, Fla-A drug deal in Port St. Lucie ended in a dramatic crash.

On 3/2/18 at around 10:20 am a 15 year old male driving a 2015 Chevy Camaro met a 20 year old male at the corner of SE Crosspoint and SE Floresta Dr.

The 20 year old approached the car, while the 15 year old was still inside, and gave him $50.00 for a bag of Marijuana. When the 20 year old opened the plastic bag he noticed that it was filled with grass instead of Marijuana. The 20 year old reached in the car as the 15 year old sped off into the intersection.

photo: psl police

photo: psl police

At the same time the Camaro was speeding away, a 22 year old female driving 2018 Mercedes SUV was traveling south on SE Floresta. As the Mercedes reached the intersection of SE Crosspoint, the Camaro T-Boned the Mercedes causing the Mercedes to roll over into a ditch.

Both the 15 year old male and 22 year old female were transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The investigation continues into this incident as the 15 year old is facing traffic and criminal violations.

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