Port St. Lucie Residents Keep 8 Tons of Hazardous Waste Out of Landfill

More than 600 residents took advantage of the opportunity to properly dispose of household hazardous waste during Keep Port St. Lucie Beautifuls annual collection event on Oct. 3. Folks drove their vehicles through Port St. Lucie Public Works and unloaded 16,460 pounds, or more than 8 tons, of hazardous waste, which was handed over to experts – free of charge – for proper disposal.

Nearly 3 tons of electronic waste (e-waste) was collected. The acid, antifreeze, chemicals, flammables, oil and paint collected filled 19 large drums. Propane tanks, both large and small, were dropped off, as well as old car batteries, fire extinguishers and helium tanks. Seven boxes of unwanted prescription drugs were also collected.

View 2015 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day results

Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful truly appreciates our proactive residents who understand the importance of preventing these hazardous items from endangering our environment when disposed of improperly.

If you missed this event, call Waste Pro at (772) 595-9390 to schedule an e-waste pickup or get more information about properly disposing of household hazardous waste.

For more information, contact:

Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful

City of Port St. Lucie

(772) 873-6312

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