Pet-Friendly Beaches in Martin County, Florida

Martin County, Florida is part of Florida’s renowned Treasure Coast, and is a well-known haven for those who love the beach almost as much as their furry friends.

Martin County is packed with beaches that are known around the world for their pristine sandy shores and breathtaking ancient shorelines, and visitors to the area often find themselves digging around through resources of questionable reliability looking for some of the best pet-friendly beaches to hit, during their visit.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork and curated this list of beaches that not only have a welcoming atmosphere but also stand out for their wildly diverse coastal environments that have come to be a hallmark of the Treasure Coast.

For locals or visitors coming with four-legged friends, Martin County beaches are the ideal setting for a memorable getaway with your pet. Since these beaches are usually less travelled than others on the Treasure Coast, you can often find a bit more peace and solitude as well.

We’re going to cover some of the best pet-friendly beaches in Martin County, Florida while laying out the details on what each location offers, and how to maximize your enjoyment while traveling with your pet.

Pet-Friendly Beaches in Martin County

Martin County, Florida, is extremely well-known for its welcoming approach to pets, particularly at its unguarded beaches, or beaches without lifeguards on duty. These locations are the optimal spots to get a little sun and sand while on the Treasure Coast.

While there are far more unguarded beaches than what we have the room to list, some of the most notable sites include Santa Lucea Beach, Tiger Shores, Ross Witham Beach, and Bob Graham Beach, with each one offering a unique charm and varied attractions.

From tranquil strolls to playful frolics and zoomies in the sand, there’s something for everyone here.

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Santa Lucea Beach

Santa Lucea Beach is one of the top choices for pet owners looking for a beachside day with their furry friends, and the beautiful, unguarded beach offers a serene and welcoming feeling for humans and pets.

This beach is just south of Stuart Beach and north of House of Refuge, and is  known for its pure and unspoiled beauty, featuring soft, sandy shores and clear, inviting waters that are frequently calm, making it ideal for owners who need a more peaceful setting.

Santa Lucea Beach does require that pets be leashed before allowing them to wander around enjoying the sand and surf next to their owners, but there is plenty of space to hike, explore, play, or just relax.

Tiger Shores

Tiger Shores is another beautiful Martin County beach that offers a great combination of scenery and a welcoming atmosphere for pets as well as their owners.

Tiger Shores is an unguarded beach that is known for being one of the less crowded beaches, which makes it a perfect option for anyone looking for a quieter day at the beach with their animal companion.

The serene setting in Stuart makes it a very peaceful spot, great for leisurely walks or just relaxing by the sea, and all leashed pets are welcome.

Tiger Shores is easily accessible with multiple entry and parking points, which takes care of a couple of the most common hassles when going to the beach.

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Ross Witham Beach

Pet owners looking to immerse themselves and their pets in a lush natural coastal setting should consider Ross Witham Beach, a beach that’s both beautiful and untouched, while also being accommodating to leashed pets.

Ross Witham Beach is primarily known for its pristine soft sands and the freedom to enjoy, up close, the complex ecosystems that flourish in coastal environments.

The natural setting of the beach makes it ideal for both educational and eco-friendly visits, and the layout of the beach itself provides a massive amount of space for pets and owners to roam while appreciating countless examples of local flora and fauna.

Bob Graham Beach

Another great pet-friendly beach in Martin County is Bob Graham Beach, which provides a great blend of both coastal fun with relaxation.

Following the generally pet-friendly approach of Martin County, Bob Graham Beach is a favorite among locals and visiting pet lovers, allowing leashed pets to enjoy the views and relaxing atmosphere of the location.

There’s plenty of sun and surf to go around, and the expansive beach area means plenty of room for even the most nervous or anxious of dogs to relax in their own space.

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Get More With The B.A.R.K. Ranger Program

A unique offering of Martin County is the B.A.R.K. Ranger program, which is designed to promote responsible pet ownership and highlight environmental stewardship on all county beaches.

The program was launched recently, on World Wildlife Conservation Day of 2023, and is part of the county’s ongoing efforts to make sure residents and visitors alike can enjoy the natural spaces that the Treasure Coast is known for, with their pets.

Pet owners who participate in the B.A.R.K. Ranger program can sign a free online pledge that commits to respectful and responsible behavior while in the natural spaces of Martin County, and upon signing, pet owners can pick up a free branded bandana and locally made dog tags at partner locations.

The program focuses on four key principles:

  • Bag Up Pet Waste: Cleaning up after Fido keeps all areas of the county clean and ready for the next visitors.
  • Always Leashed: Keeping pets leashed helps protect the local wildlife, including sea turtles and nesting birds.
  • Respect Wildlife: Keeping a respectful distance from wildlife helps keep everyone safer and less stressed.
  • Know Where You Can Go: Understand where you and your pet are allowed, and where you’re not, helps keep pets, owners, and wildlife ecosystems protected.

Wrapping up

As we wrap up, it’s clear that Martin County is a leading example of how to make municipal and public lands accessible and open to pets and their owners with fair and reasonable goals and protective measures.

The county’s range of pet-friendly beaches offers something for every pet owner, from the tranquil escape to a playful day in the sand, the spots we’ve highlighted should provide the perfectly memorable backdrop for unforgettable experiences with your pet.

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