Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Looking for Help with Case

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Looking for Help with Case

Do you recognize me? My name may be Suzy, Suzanne or Susan. I may have lived somewhere in South Florida or Nevada.



If so, you could help solve a mystery that has haunted my investigators for over 21 years. 


Detectives and investigators have worked tirelessly alongside a convicted serial killer to help identify a woman found decomposed over 21 years ago. We NEED your help with identifying her.


Keith Hunter Jesperson also known as “The Happy Face Killer” is known to have killed eight women over the course of five years (1990 – 1995). Jesperson, a truck driver, admitted to murdering these woman in Nebraska, California, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Wyoming.  He says, he killed our victim (victim # 6) in Florida.


Take a look …


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Keith Hunter Jesperson


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