Open letter to Brandon Tucker from #toxic18  representing over 14,000 Floridians.

Open letter to Brandon Tucker from #toxic18  representing over 14,000 Floridians.

Dear Brandon Tucker.

Please step down from your post at South Florida Water Management.

The board’s most recent actions ignoring a simple request from a sitting congressman and governor elect that they be allowed to to review the extension of leases to Florida Crystals ahead of a vote by the board is just the latest  indication of your willful disregard for your duties and the people of Martin County.

You were appointed to the SFWMD governing board as Martin County’s voice. You have continually ignored the wishes of the residents in Martin County. You have been rude and dismissive. We do not believe you are serving us well. We insist that you honor Governor DeSantis’ request to resign. Save us the cost, and you the embarrassment of having to be removed for cause.

We also feel that the public was not well informed in decision making prior to the board’s decision in re-leasing the land of the EAA Reservoir. In fact, we were excluded from even reviewing the lease prior to the vote, though there was ample time to allow for such a review. 

We wish for a clean start with the new administration and fresh approach to water management. Please respect the wishes of the public and Gov DeSantis’ request in your resigning along with other board members.

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  • Posted 5 years ago

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