New garbage carts are coming soon to Port St. Lucie

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New garbage carts are coming soon

PORT ST. LUCIE – In preparation for a new citywide automated collection program, each household in the City will receive a 96-gallon garbage cart late this summer. On Monday, April 11, 2022, City Council approved an emergency purchase of garbage carts for 81,000 households.

Delivery of carts for the waste collection program will begin in August. Each home within City limits will receive a 96-gallon garbage cart, provided by the City of Port St. Lucie, that is durable and easy to roll out for automated waste collection, just like the recycling program. Once residents receive their new cart, their old cart can be used as a container for yard waste.

The new garbage cart is three times larger than the typical 32-gallon cart. Under this new collection program, garbage would be collected once per week for increased efficiency. For residents making room for their new 96-gallon garbage cart, the size is 43.2 inches high, 28 inches wide and 32.1 inches deep. Residents will also have the option of purchasing an additional cart if they need more capacity. Homeowners’ associations have been notified of a smaller cart option. The entire community would get the same size cart and the majority have opted for the 96-gallon cart.

Port St. Lucie is building an entirely new waste removal program for the future,” said Carmen Capezzuto, Director of Neighborhood Services. “This change will improve the appearance of our neighborhoods while increasing the efficiency and reliability of services.”

City Council approved the $4.8 million emergency cart purchase. The new garbage carts will be delivered to residents’ homes and become part of customers’ solid waste assessment on their property tax bill. The carts cost approximately $60 each and the cost will be spread across 10 years, meaning customers will pay about $6 yearly for 10 years. The new cart has a 10-year warranty.

The new garbage carts have a wide-grip handle, two large roll wheels and a cart lid to keep water out and odors in. The cart also keeps garbage secure from animals and weather, decreases street litter and makes garbage collection safer and more efficient.

Advanced automated garbage trucks equipped with a lifting mechanism on the side will pick up your new cart and empty the contents into the truck. This operation allows the collection of garbage to be more efficient, which stabilizes costs, improves service and reduces work-related injuries.

Residents will keep their recycling cart, as per the franchising agreement. The recycling cart and the new garbage cart stay with the home if residents move.

During this transition of waste haulers, service levels will continue to fluctuate. Last week, 44,250 residents on 64 routes experienced either a missed or incomplete garbage collection. In some cases, residents missed two service days, leaving tons of garbage waiting to be picked up for more than a week.
By making these changes to our collection methods, the City can deliver better service to our residents. Learn more at
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