Move Forward with Treasure Coast!

Move Forward with Treasure Coast!

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I just wanted to say hi and let you know about the wonderful changes here at
Our goal is to continue to  partner with our wonderful community in the Treasure Coast and create one stop for events, news, and information.
Our whole website has been upgraded.  We have some great features so please check it out. You can simply check out movie times, real estate, jobs, weather and more from our home page.
Our Facebook page is doing great with HUGE reach. We are gaining more followers in our community every day.

This is what we’re working on right now!

Please feel free to post your event.
on the left hand side it says click here to add an event.
You just click and fill out and submit. If you have any issues just send me an email and we can figure it out. Sometimes it’s the photo or sometimes people’s browsers are out of date. For any issue email

2. Business Card Adds
For the month of March we are having a special on Business Card Ads. For 100 Dollars for the month you get an add on our homepage. We are happy to share your add or something you wish to share about your business on our Facebook page. So get your info in while we still have space.

For more information on our adds you can email

Questions? Concerns?


All our best,

Jeff, Cyndi, Nick and Julie

The staff at

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