The Mesmerizing Port Salerno Ghost Tours

In the small but charming Village of Port Salerno, Patrick and Patricia Mesmer took us on our Halloween ghost tour. Locals dressed up in costumes and a local taxi decked out with scary audio added to the dark and blustery atmosphere.

I just knew this was going to be the most fun thing I had ever done on Halloween.

Skillfully weaving stories about local lore our attention is captured. Stories about Flagler and his wife Alice, Mulford, the dark history of Salerno, bootlegging, the Ashley gang, Captain Louie, Pompano Chuck, and Dirty Freddy. At certain places we stopped as the ghost meters went off.


Mulford Lane is Port Salerno

Guests are issued an electromagnetic field detector or an infrared thermometer.  Paranormal investigators believe a sudden drop in temperature indicates the presence of a spirit and that ghosts cause fluctuations in electromagnetic fields.

The ghost meter

The ghost meter

Near the end of the tour Patrick was talking about how John Ashley’s mother and developmentally disabled sister were raped and how John killed the rapist.  A huge puff of wind came through.  You can’t make this stuff up.

The Mesmer’s have discovered many strange stories and colorful local characters the 30 years they have lived here. Both have extensive experience. Tricia Master’s Degree in Mental Health, and operates a private counseling business. Her passions are family, helping distressed people, and ghost hunting. (Not necessarily in that order!)

Patrick’s interests lean more toward the historical facts. Patrick is a project manager for a large corporation in South Florida. He also teaches at the local university. His passion is history and music. He has published two books. His titles are Haunted River Tales: 500 Years on the Locha-Hatchee, Vol. 1, and The Pirate Santos: Curse of the Treasure Coast. They are both available locally at museums and historical mediums, as well as on, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

They have a new that has just been submitted to the publisher called Ghosts of the Treasure Coast. It is slated for release in later 2017.

Tricia’s obsession with the controversial subject began when she was very young, when she encountered a spirit of her own. Having lost her father, a Marine Corp Drill Instructor, at a very young age, she began to question the finality of death. In her room, she had a plastic record player that was a staple in the teenage world at that time. After one particular night of listening to her favorite tunes, she decided to ask out loud if her father had “crossed over.” She was amazed to see the arm raise by itself and drop the needle down on the forty-five RPM record and begin playing. Scared but intrigued, she unplugged the record player and sat back on her bed and stared at it. To her shock and amazement, the entire sequence repeated itself, this time without electricity. The song played for a few seconds, and then stopped. Tricia concluded that her loving father had indeed contacted her through the songs that she loved. Ever since that experience, she has never looked back. This began a life-long search for answers to age old questions that continues to this day.

As you tour with these two you can feel their passion for the area and the fascinating stories they have collected.  It palpable. Port Salerno Ghost Tours is not something they just want to do it feels like it’s something they have to do. You will walk away with a much different appreciation and understanding of Port Salerno I can guarantee.

I will never look at that big tree at Pirate’s Cove without it sending a shiver up my spine. If you want to know why I suggest you book the tour.


The Tour’s will continue on Saturday nights until April


Where: The Fish House Arts Center, 4745 S.E. Desoto Ave., Port Salerno

Cost: Adults $15; kids $10

Reservations: 772-223-5482


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