It was the shift that stole Christmas for some bold brazen men, who came up from Miami, and ended up in the pen.

Midnight’s were perfect, so they thought for the score, but they never met deputies on midnights before.

They hoped for some motorcycles, and smashed through the glass, they readied their U-haul, and slipped on their masks. Except one tiny detail they chose to ignore, they never met deputies on midnights before.

So while you were sleeping, they smashed through the door, damaged the property and cleared out the floor. Seven thieves targeted what wasn’t theirs, they acted with greed, like nobody cares.

Exzavious willis

Exzavious Willis

But they were wrong about one thing, actually two. MCSO cares, like most of us do. So the blue lights turned on, and the green team arrived. They conducted a stop, and demanded their side.

But the lies didn’t add up, with the damage they caused, so deputies investigated and took a brief pause.

Terrel Willis

Terrel Willis

So the story wraps up with a Christmas gone mad, for seven Miami thieves who thought they were bad. They all got a ride wearing new gifts on their wrists, to a place with no chimney and no Christmas lists.

Now the thieves can share stories and memories galore, about stealing from citizens who work hard for their store. And while they reflect, let’s say it once more, they’ve never met deputies on midnights before—and they hope they never will again.

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