MCSO Renews Efforts to Find Remains of Elderly Woman Who Vanished in 1993

Mabel Lee Tresner - Disappeared in 1993

Mabel Lee Tresner – Disappeared in 1993

80-year old Mabel Lee Tresner was known as a friendly, community spirited woman, who had a strong connection to Martin County. She had no unusual habits, and no reason to permanently leave her Jensen Beach home. But in 1993, sometime between the evening hours of Monday, August 16, and Tuesday, August 17, something happened to Mabel. The elderly woman who would have normally spent her day doing volunteer work at a local charity, was gone. The door on her mobile home on NE 15th Terrace was unlocked, and her belongings were left behind.

Detectives searched for weeks for Mabel, even excavated underneath her home in an effort to find clues. For months following her disappearance, detectives received tips about possible Mabel sightings, but nothing panned out. Because of certain evidence found inside of the home at the time, detectives could not rule out foul play. In fact, foul place is likely.
The Martin County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Detectives are now taking a closer look at this case, in hopes of finding out, what really happened to Mabel Tresner. Today, Mabel be 102 years old. Detectives know, that they are likely searching for Mabel’s remains, but they also want answers as exactly happened, and who, if anyone, may have played a role in this lovely woman’s disappearance.

It is possible that someone may have information that may help us close this case, find closure for Mabel’s family, and seek justice for Mabel.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call Detective Christopher Morales at 772-220-7087

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