Martin County Sheriff issues citizen safety advisory regarding recent carjackings

Martin County Sheriff issues citizen safety advisory regarding recent carjackings

Martin County, Fl ( – The Martin County Sheriff has issued citizen safety advisory regarding recent carjackings

This is what they said:

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office would like to issue a citizen safety advisory following reports of three carjacking incidents within a two week period. The incidents all happened outside of the Martin County Sheriff’s jurisdiction and within the Stuart City limits, however, we do work jointly with our municipal law enforcement partners and want everyone to be aware of these incidents.

The incidents are all unrelated and occurred at different times of the day. The first crime occurred at the Chase Bank ATM on Federal Highway and Monterey Road, the second crime occurred outside of Crunch Gym on Federal Highway. The third case was domestic related and occurred between two parties who knew each other. In each case, the suspects were targeting the victim vehicles. In one case the suspects were targeting the victim’s Dodge Charger—and waited outside for the victims to leave the gym. Several suspects attacked the victims and took off in Charger. In the second random attack, the suspect targeted a pick-up truck. The victim in this case was attacked near the ATM machine. Fortunately, all injuries were non-life threatening.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office will do whatever we can to assist Stuart Police in tracking these suspects, but as a matter of public safety, if you find yourself in a situation where you are faced with someone forcibly trying to take your vehicle, please remember LIFE before property. Remove yourself and your family from the vehicle and do not challenge the individual(s). Do not put yourself or your family in more of a life threatening situation by attempting to stop the suspect(s) from taking the car. Let the vehicle go, and call us immediately.

A description of your vehicle, a full or partial tag number, and a description of the suspect(s) is extremely helpful. We have the tools and the investigative tactics at our disposal to locate the vehicle and the assailants. And we will. Our primary concern, however, is your safety. Please keep these incidents in mind when you are out, regardless of time of day. Watch your surroundings, including people sitting in parked cars or on bicycles, near bushes or in parking lots.

Our nation is seeing a noticeable spike in crime, and our county is not immune to this disturbing trend. Stay alert, watch out for each other, and don’t hesitate to call us if you see or hear anything suspicious. A deputy will respond.


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