Martin County K-9 Kaspar recovering from surgery

Martin County K-9 Kaspar recovering from surgery.

Earlier today, Kaspar’s handler, Deputy

Ron Manganiello, noticed his partner was not feeling well. Deputy Manganiello immediately took Kaspar to the veterinarian. The veterinarian determined that Kaspar was suffering from serious internal distress. He underwent immediate surgery. Doctors removed a large tumor from the bottom of Kaspar’s liver. That tumor had ruptured causing internal bleeding.

Ron Manganiello and K9 Kasper

Ron Manganiello and K9 Kasper

At this hour, doctors say the surgery was successful and Kaspar is recovering. He will remain at the animal hospital for the next few days, and face a long recovery. Kaspar is only 5-years old. Doctors say he would not have survived if the internal bleeding was not immediately addressed. Fortunately, Deputy Manganiello recognized that his partner was in distress in enough time to save him.


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