Martin County Hurricane Resources

Martin County, Florida, hurricane resources are available to help residents prepare for a storm. Hurricanes can be devastating, but preparation can minimize the risk of injuries and damage. Understanding what local officials and experts recommend during the 2024 hurricane season is essential to prepare.

Below is a hurricane resources guide for Martin County, Florida, to help you prepare for the stages before, during, and after a hurricane. When residents are ready, they have increased confidence that they can tolerate and recover from the impact of the hurricane.

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Martin County Disaster Planning Tips

A disaster supply kit should include all the items necessary to get through a hurricane. A supply kit isn’t just useful for hurricane season but can also come in handy in any disaster or emergency, such as a terrorist attack or other unexpected event. Your emergency disaster supply kit should be light enough to take with you if you need to evacuate.

Food and water are your disaster supply kit‘s two most essential items. Each person in your household should have one gallon of water daily and at least a three-day non-perishable food supply. Flashlights, batteries, and a hand crank or battery-powered radio can also help you stay up-to-date on important information needed to get through the hurricane. Martin County also recommends buying a solar charger for your cell phone. Personal care items, important family documents, identification, and cash are also essential if you need to evacuate or lose access to power.

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Planning for the Florida 2024 hurricane season is essential. When developing a disaster plan, consider the situations that might affect you. Plans should be discussed with every household member. A good plan will help your family prepare for evacuation and determine how they will get in touch if cell phones and landlines do not work.

Securing Your Home for the 2024 Florida Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can uproot trees, damage roofs, and much more. An updated insurance policy with adequate coverage is necessary for financial security after a storm. People who rent should obtain renters insurance. Getting sufficient coverage or an insurance policy before the storm is important because insurance companies will not grant coverage once the hurricane approaches the area. Keep copies of your insurance policies and your agent’s contact information. Also, take an inventory of valuable household items with videos or photos in case you need to file a claim after the hurricane has passed.

Before the hurricane arrives, ensure that things outside your home are brought inside or tied down. Anything tied down must be anchored securely to a foundation so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. You can also reduce property damage by strengthening your windows, doors, and roof. If it’s financially viable, creating a reinforced safe room in your home can add a layer of peace and security during the Florida 2024 hurricane season.

Stay Updated in Martin County During a Storm

Martin County will broadcast important information on radio station WQCS (88.9 FM) during a hurricane. WSTU (1450 AM) will also broadcast live from the Emergency Operations Center. Martin County residents can also turn their televisions to channel 20 and channel 99 for local information.

Hurricane Ian now a major Category 3 storm

Social media can also offer valuable information during a hurricane. Residents should follow the Martin County Board of County Commissioners and Martin County Fire Rescue on Facebook. The county’s Twitter or X handle is @MartinCountygov. Local officials also encourage residents to register for AlertMartin, a mass notification system. To register for alerts, visit and click the “Alert Sign-up” button. Residents can also sign up by texting AlertMartin to 888777.

The National Weather Service will provide the most accurate information during a hurricane. An emergency weather radio is beneficial for accessing useful information. NOAA weather radios can be purchased online for around $20. In Martin County, the primary frequency for weather alert radios is 162.425MHz for the Fort Pierce transmitter, and the SAME (FIPS) code is 012085.

Emergency Hurricane Shelters in Martin County

Martin County encourages residents to stay in the home of a loved one or friend if an evacuation order is mandatory. A shelter should always be a last resort. Locals should only visit a shelter if local officials have announced it’s opening. Martin County will announce shelter openings on the local television radio stations and through its social media pages.

Shelters are ideal for people who don’t have an alternative location to visit or live in a low-lying or flood-prone area that’s in danger due to storm surges. People living in mobile or manufacturing homes and needing an alternative place to stay can also use a Martin County shelter. If you go to a shelter, take your disaster supply kit.

Martin County requests that people bring sleeping materials, such as pillows, cots, and blankets. Evacuees should also have a change of clothes and wear sturdy shoes. People with dietary restrictions should bring food they can eat at the shelter. It’s also wise to get things that will help you stay comfortable and entertained. Personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, brushes, and combs should also be brought to the shelter, along with any medication needed.

Martin County shelters have several rules for evacuees who register in shelters. The first rule is that evacuees treat the facility and staff respectfully; additionally, smoking alcohol, drugs, guns, and weapons is not allowed. People who enter shelters must sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave.

Pet Sheltering Options in Martin County

Evacuating with pets can be challenging, so making a list of pet-friendly hotels is essential when creating an emergency disaster plan. Pets should not be left behind during the evacuation, as being alone during a hurricane can be dangerous. The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast accepts pets of people under a mandatory evacuation. Pre-registration is required because space is limited. To contact The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, call 772-223-8822.

Martin County officials also have a pet-friendly shelter to accommodate cats and dogs. However, owners are responsible for caring for their pets in the shelter. When bringing a pet to a shelter, it’s essential to have pet vaccination records, ID tags, and rabies tags on the pet collar. Martin County pet-friendly shelters also require a current rabies vaccination certificate and a shot record.

Sheltering in Place in Martin County

Many Martin County residents decide to shelter in place. Some locals may even choose to shelter in place during a mandatory evacuation. If you stay home during a major hurricane, bring all children and pets inside. Please don’t leave the premises during a storm as it can be very dangerous; close and lock every window and door in the home. The home should be secured as tightly as possible to minimize damage and ensure your safety. Move to an interior area of your home and stay away from windows and other glass exterior doorways that could be vulnerable to debris. A room without windows is likely the safest place in your home.

If an outage occurs, call Florida Power and Light at 800-468-8243. Other numbers that may come in handy include the non-emergency line for Martin County Fire Rescue, 772-288-5710, and the Martin County Sheriff, who can be reached by dialing 866-966-7226. Finally, stay informed by watching television, social media, and the radio for updated information from local officials and weather experts. Martin County will provide valuable information during a hurricane that can be useful and protect you and your household.

Information for People with Special Needs in Martin County

Martin County has a special needs program for residents who have medical conditions that require additional assistance due to their health. People with special medical needs must first register with Martin County Emergency Management. An application is required to obtain accommodations at a special needs shelter. People who struggle with completing an application can get help from a healthcare agency or caregiver. To request an application from the Martin County Emergency Management Agency, call 772-287-1652. For more information on shelter registration, residents can visit

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