Martin County deputy fired over narcotics-related arrests

Martin County deputy fired over narcotics-related arrests

Martin County, Fl- Martin County Sheriff William Snyder announced the firing of a deputy yesterday.

Sheriff Snyder said Deputy Steven O’Leary made three narcotics-related arrests in which the substances involved were not actually narcotics.

According to the sheriff, O’Leary said he did a field test of the substances. He claimed they tested positive for narcotics. However, a Regional Crime Lab determined one of the substances was a powder commonly used to treat headaches, and another was a sand-based material containing no narcotics.

O’Leary had been with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office since February of last year. He has made 80 drug-related arrests in his 11-month probationary period. The sheriff added that it does not appear any evidence had been planted.

Nine inmates were released from custody as a result, the sheriff said, and all of O’Leary’s cases and arrests are now under review. Snyder said O’Leary has been terminated, and could eventually face official misconduct charges.

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