Martin County carjacking victims thank authorities

Martin County carjacking victims thank authorities

Martin County, Fl- A family who fell victim to a violent carjacking and kidnapping in Martin County while on their way home from Walt Disney World thanked Martin County authorities on Monday.

The family was heading home to Miami and stopped at the service station to rest.

Jaime Sagona was pulled out of her car.

Sagona’s 6-month-old baby boy and her mother were in the backseat.

The carjacker let them out of the car about a half mile down the road.

“We are as a family, immensely, eternally grateful to the sheriff and his entire department for everything they did for us. It’s been on the news, people saw the horrible footage but it’s that stuff that means the most to me,” Jaime Sagona said.

“I’m just lucky to be alive. And my family as well. There’s no words for that,” said Joanne Sagona, Jaime’s mother.

The victims didn’t discuss what happened during the carjacking. They said they did not want to hinder the prosecution.

The suspect, Jaquay Jean of North Miami, is facing charges of kidnapping, carjacking and robbery.

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