Man arrested for driving under the influence

Man arrested for driving under the influence


An officer from Fellsmere Police conducted a traffic stop on a motorist. He failed  to come to a complete stop at the traffic light at Broadway and CR 512. This happened on March 3 at around 11 pm. Aaron Villa was driving south in a white Mercury Grand Marquis. He traveled south on N. through the intersection without stopping and forced the officer to come to a complete halt to avoid a collision.

Villa turned east on CR 512 and drove past the officer who turned around to stop him. While traveling behind Villa, the officer noted that he was driving at approximately 20 miles per hour weaving within his lane and at one point veered right far enough for his passenger side tires to leave the roadway. The officer stopped Villa on S. Lime Street to conduct an investigation.

During his contact with Villa, the officer noted numerous signs of impairment such as slurred speech, glossy, bloodshot eyes, the odor of an alcoholic beverage, and that Villa stumbled when he walked and needed his vehicle for support.

Villa could not perform field sobriety exercises satisfactorily and was taken in to custody. A computer check of his license revealed it was revoked because of a previous DUI conviction in 2015.

Villa was transported to the Indian River County Jail where he was given a breath test. He provided breath samples of .311 and .308. The per se limit in Florida is .080. Given the elevated level of his intoxication, Villa had to be transported to the hospital for medical clearance before he could be accepted at the jail.

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