"Making the Most Important Thing, The Most important Thing!"

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Making the most important thing, the most important thing!”

Before we can focus on students and the environments that we create for them, let’s focus on the greatest trigger and most essential ingredient for creating the Sweetheart and Hero friendly environment….YOU!  Let’s focus on you.  Lets really explore what it is that you need before we can expose your inner Sweetheart and Hero.  Let’s start with a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.  That summer may include much needed down time, some travel, and lots of stress reducing activities.  Okay, let’s get real, the truth of the matter is that summer quickly becomes a hurry up and get all that stuff done that you couldn’t do all year because you were up to your eyeballs in work.  For all of you who are interested in our 12 part Sweetheart and Hero training camp, I’d like to share some perspective.    Do you “make the most important thing in your life, the most important thing?”  Most of us can easily blurt out almost instantly, what the most important thing is in our lives: family, health, friends. But, we must ask ourselves: do we always make them the most important thing?  Be honest with yourself. Do you always make them the most important thing?  We all can get caught not spending time with family, making unhealthy decisions, never attending church, or complaining about going to work on a Monday.  Why do we contradict ourselves so often when it comes to the things that are most important to us?  We want one thing, but put our effort into a completely different thing(s), ultimately not “making the most important thing the most important thing.”  How do we fix this?   We certainly can’t fix everyone’s personalized issues, however we can tell you this for certain: you will be back in school before you know it and you need to go back with some new tools in your toolbox! This will require a little effort on your part this summer.  Perhaps some of the lesson that we share this summer will even translate into your personal life as well.      The first step for anyone looking to reinvent, reignite, or be a reborn Sweetheart or Hero next school year, is to practice aligning your actions with your wants.  “Your thoughts determine what you want, but your actions will ultimately determine what you get or achieve.”  It doesn’t even have to be school related. It’s actually better if it isn’t school related.  For example, maybe it’s something related to your family, like spending more “engaged” time with your 7 year old.  Set a goal of spending 20 minutes a day with them, doing something that involves communication and quality interactions.  By setting the goal you will have more accountability to follow through and take ACTION.  Here is a red hot suggestion: borrow a dry erase marker from your class room and write on the top of your bathroom mirror, the one thing that you want to do this summer consistently and is tied to ‘the most important thing’ in your life.  It will be the first thing that you see when you get up in the morning and the last thing that you see when you go to bed.  It could be gardening and if your garden is like mine, you have lots of weeds.  What if you picked just 5 minutes a day to spend in the garden just weeding?  My guess is after 3-4 days you’ll have a perfect garden and be able to maintain it all summer.  Continuing to use both of these examples, if your relationship with your 7 year old is rewarding and positive and your garden is near perfect, chances are you’re going to be a more motivated person as a whole. That motivation will overflow into all of the other areas and environments in your life!      Your first training assignment – make whatever your top priorities are, your top priorities.  Get that marker and write it at the top of your mirror!  Take a picture of it and send it to us and we will be happy to be the accountability Superheroes for you this summer  We will bully you a bit to make sure you are making the ‘most important thing the most important thing!’
Jason and Tom!

Contact us to get us into your school, business or group.  We all have the power to be someone’s hero.  Let us help you unlock you superpowers!
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