Local community comes together to protest Lake O discharges

Local community comes together to protest Lake O discharges

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Stuart, Florida- Our local community came together at the Roosevelt Bridge to protest the discharges from Lake Okeechobee. A few hundred people (and some dogs) showed up at 12:30 to walk the bridge, wave their signs at the beeping cars, hug their friends, make new friends and commit to supporting our clean water movement.

The only elected official I heard was there was Brian Mast (and his family). Sorry no photos. If you have one send it us. I did get to see his adorable kids at the end and I think they fell in love with my dog Kodi. (who wouldn’t. She’s the best dog ever.)

I saw and spent some time with Pam Keith. Pam has made sure that she has learned about the lagoon and our issues and she showed up in true river warrior mode. She is one authentic woman!

I saw and spent some time with Joe Banfi who is running for Martin County Commission. You can find out more about him on Facebook.

Joe has lived in Martin County for the past 46 years and worked most of those years for the County as a City Planner. He retired in 2013 but remain very active with volunteer work. He serves on the County’s Local Planning Agency.

Joe thinks the one issue facing us is the health of our environment. “Our rivers and waterways are on life support. There are no fish spawning, there are no juvenile clams, the sea grasses are disappearing and the contaminated water in our rivers and waterways is hazardous to humans; all caused by the discharges of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee. This year we are on track for the worst year ever.

Our environment sustains our lives and our livelihood. Most people came to Martin County expecting to live in a clean environment and much of our economy (tourism, fishing, hospitality services, marine industries to name a few) is dependent on the health of our environment. The current conditions of our rivers and waterways have gained unwanted national attention. Who is going to live in and visit our County under these conditions?

We must take strong action to stop the forces that are killing our environment, we must divert and clean the polluted water from Lake Okeechobee and we must restore the health of our rivers and waterways. Our actions must be relentless and must begin now. I am strongly committed to do my part.”

Also seen: Merritt Matheson, Troy McDonald, Brenda Keiser, Stacey Whitaker Hetherington,

The past week has had our heads spinning. Last Saturday, we had a meeting with local river warriors. We put up our page #toxic18 to document the discharges.

We now have almost 4,000 members in less than a week. The group is documenting away, sharing events, issues and supporting each other. Please join us there and help us document.

photo:cyndi lenz

photo:cyndi lenz

Mary HIggins Martin County Democrats

Mary HIggins
Martin County Democrats and Tony Polito

So far no local county or city have told you to stay away from the water if you see the fluorescent green swirlies.

My main gig is being a nurse so safety is always my number one concern. We are trained to check out the environment and make recommendations. We look down the road and see how people could possible get hurt. So get a grab bar, keep those pathways clear and stay away from the green florescent water.

Thank you Monterey Animal Hospital. We can always depend on the veterinarians to step up for our community. Listen to them.


Alex Hagen from WPTV liked our page so much he came up and did a piece.

Activists create group to post algae photos

“ST LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. – Activists want you to help them track that green sheen that’s becoming a common sight in the St. Lucie River.

They’ve created a Facebook page where you share video or pictures of algae.”

Thank you Alex! Thank you to Jennie and Kim. It was a terrific piece that really caught the essence of what we are trying accomplish.

Kim Streiber, Cyndi Lenz, and Jennie Pawlowsky. River Warriors , Alex Hagan photo by Kenny Hinkle jr

Kim Streiber, Cyndi Lenz, and Jennie Pawlowsky. River Warriors , Alex Hagan photo by Kenny Hinkle jr

Microcystis aeruginosa is cyanobacteria and was found in the water. As we know its starts with the green squiggles fluorescent water and then it grows and grows and grows.

Here is the link to the page if you would like to look and I will be consulting with other people as to what it means but I would stay away from the water.

Algal Bloom Sampling Results



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