Last day to vote in Martin County

Last day to vote in Martin County.

Today is election day in Martin County. All voters in the county will decide on the Sales Tax Referendum. Stuart residents will also get to vote on their new city commissioner, choosing between Becky Bruner, Tyler Green-James, and Ron Rose. Over 12-thousand people submitted their votes before election day, thanks to early voting and vote by mail. The polls are open today from 7am until 7pm. If you are heading out to vote, you must vote at your assigned precinct. For more information, including to find your precinct, go online to Martin Votes.

Yesterday many residents got this postcard in their mailbox. It came from the same people who sent out misleading leading postcards against Crystal Mills Lucas and possibly Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch. ( I have to confirm.) It’s time to confront these people who interfere in our elections and find out what local politicians are connected.


The issue for me is promises are rarely kept when spending. At the same time the ballot language is deceitful, it is a 17% increase not “just a one cent increase”. The ordinance does not appear on the ballot and if the voter bothers to read it on the website, it is clear that there are no specifics.
Our own Commissioner Doug Smith would not support Joe Negron to buy the land or even spend Amendment 1 money properly. My issue is trust. While we sit here we’re adding new sober homes in our neighborhoods. Our beautiful Indian River Drive is now called Rehab Drive. Those of us that live in Rio-Jensen Beach are  literally surrounded by drug addicts. Some very close to our parks where our children and grandchildren go. What is the endgame of adding these sober homes and importing drug addicts to what was a funky beach town? 
Where are those resources going to come from?
Not to mention a used car lot on our beautiful Jensen Beach Blvd and a new ugly building at the circle in Jensen Beach.
This commissioner does not work for the  people of his district. Yet people believe “the no growth vs growth” fake news narrative that pervades the brain of many residents.
Site of car max on Jensen Beach Blvd.

Site of car max on Jensen Beach Blvd.

It’s time for all this to change. Give up the rhetoric and have honest conversations about what need in our county to move forward. It’s time for good growth. You want a sales tax that tourists will pay for? Then we have to stop destroying our county.
Who’s with me?
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