King Tide brings in Message in a Bottle

Our friends Cristina Maldonado and Rebecca Fatzinger from Treasure Coast Trash Creations

have been busy cleaning up trash from the beach. Between the King Tide, Hurricane Nicole and the full moon there is plenty of trash rolling in.

King Tide brings in Message in a Bottle Photo: Cristina Maldonado

King Tide brings in Message in a Bottle
Photo: Cristina Maldonado

At Jensen Beach, Martin County officials anticipate the water will reach the grass line on the dunes, maybe even get a bit higher towards the path that goes to the parking lot so there will be a lot more garbage coming in.

Yesterday Rebecca found a message in a bottle and this is what it said:


Our friend Marta Hurter from Millers Neighborhood Market     

helped to translate and this is what it said:

Hi my name is Robison Cruse
100 nuns and me wanted to make a day trip from Hamburg to Helgoland.On the way bad luck. Propeller Damage. Landed on a little island in the atlanticHaving a problem. I just can’t any longer…..(100x a day)and I am out of SCHNAPS (liquor) and out of cigarettes. That.s the worst for me.The nuns have to shave every day.No matter where (from) main thing I get tobacco substitute. After the 10th cigarette end (butt) you get used to it.I am looking forward to my rescuer.”

and then on a little side note it said “it’s 100x sex a day” It’s on the top right hand corner.

“Heligoland is a small German archipelago in the North Sea. The islands were at one time Danish and later British possessions. The islands are located in the Heligoland Bight in the southeastern corner of the North Sea definitely nowhere near the Atlantic” Marta said.

Picking up the garbage is not an easy job but the rewards are great. Please remember to put your own garbage in the available receptacles or even take it home.






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